Activities - culture and sports in the summer ...

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Summer and culture in Val Senales

From easy walks to demanding mountaineering tours to the eternal ice – Val Senales is a hiking paradise for young and old, offering 300 kilometers of marked hiking trails for all fitness levels. Breathing in the fresh mountain air in this pristine natural environment is an invigorating experience. Val Senales offers a variety of cultural activites, such as the ice man, medieval castles, museums and our traditional folklore.

Hiking in Val Senales

We have created a varied program of summer activities for you. Information on hiking trails and cultural highlights are available at the hotel. We will gladly accompany you on a hike in the mountains or in the Val Venosta Valley. Hiking destinations depend on the weather and the number of guests and are updated each week.

Val Senales and the Ice man

Ancient settlements, centuries-old farms and the traditional sheep drive across the Ötztal glacier show that Val Senales has been inhabited for many centuries. On 19 September 1991 the Ice Man Ötzi maybe the most famous mummy of all times, was found at 3200m above sea level, which was a sensational discovery not just for archeologists! Immerse yourself in this valley where ancient history and modern tourism meet and leave you with a lasting impression.

Sheep drive in Val Senales

8th June 2013 - about 2,200 sheep and 300 goats cross from Vernago to across the Alpine pass Niederjoch. 15th June 2013 – about 1,500 sheep arrive in Maso Corto from Venter Valley, after having crossed the Alpine pass Hochjoch: Saturday 14th September in Vernago, Sunday 15th September in Vernago, Monday 16th September in Maso Corto. Hot tip: Take a sheep drive tour with the "Iceman Express" from Hotel Grawand to Hochjoch, then descend on foot with the shepherds and sheep to Maso Corto or return to Grawand with the snowcat.

Flying over the valley in the high ropes

The new high ropes course Ötzi at Lake Vernago, a large, multi-featured high ropes course in the midst of beautiful natural landscape and an imposing canyon, promises fun and challenge for people of all ages.

Rock climbing in Val Seales

Move like a spider up the smooth vertical rock face and feel the freedom high above the safe ground. A tingling sensation that is hard to describe! If you have never experienced this amazing feeling, we suggest a basic course in rock climbing. You will see - climbing is neither as difficult nor as exhausting as you might have thought.

Activities and sports in the winter ...

When winter arrives!

Winter in Val Senales is a unique experience, with snow guaranteed from early October to May. You can ski, snowboard, toboggan, snowshoe or cross-country ski in pristine alpine environment. In Val Senales you can expect fresh snow until May – an experience not to be missed for sun and powder lovers.

Skiing Area Val Senales

The skiing area Val Senales offers a range of uncrowded ski runs, and ski lifts with no queues. With 35 km of slopes, 11 ski lifts, a large cable car, a cross-country ski loop and a tobogganing run, Val Senales offers winter fun for everyone. You can also climb the surrounding mountain peaks, choosing one of many guided mountaineering tours with our qualified mountain guides. The summits of the Ötztal Alps – Palla Bianca, Similaunhütte or the location where Ötzi was found are just a few of many tour highlights.